Fala Cliff

Natural gems

Fala Cliff

Two kilometres below the Fala power plant, where the Drava calms down, squeezed into a narrow, surrounded by conglomerate rocks, is where we find these awe-inspiring cliffs.

On the left bank, they are smaller and reach only a few meters above the water level. On them stands a pillar with a statue of St. Janez Nepomuk, patron saint of rafters. On the right bank, they rise almost vertically from the Drava, tens of meters high into the sky. Erosion forms are visible in the wall, created as a result of the deepening of the Drava. Here lie the alpine stone lime (Saxifraga hostii) and the protected bud lily (Lilium Bulbiferum). In the middle of its height, the Ruše–Lovrenc road crosses Fala Cliff, and a railway tunnel runs through it. The Fala cliff is a unique geological formation in the Drava Valley, the only site on Pohorje where we can find limestone, a remnant of the last glaciation, and a growth site of the protected bud lily.

In the Drava gorge below the Falska pečja, according to folk tales, lived the waterman Gestrin, whose daughters hunted handsome boys and plunged them into eddies from rafts.

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