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Drava River

The Drava originates in the Toblaško Polje (Italy) and is an important connection between the Alpine and Pannonian worlds. With its 720 km, it is one of the longest rivers in Europe.

It has marked and shaped the way of life around it for centuries. Various stories and myths have been circulating about her since the time of our grandfathers.

If we look at it from a historical point of view, we see that rafts and rafters travelled along it, who gave it a special character with their way of life. With the construction of power plants, its flow has calmed down. A different environment has formed, in which many (among other) endangered animal and plant species found their habitat among the willows, black alder, and flood oak forests. The area of the Drava River is also the most important wintering place for birds in Slovenia. Biological variety and diversity have contributed to the fact that the area of the Drava River is included in the European network of specially protected areas Natura 2000. Natura 2000

The Drava River is strongly connected with the development of Ruše and life within it. Take a walk along the Drava river along the Z(a)dravje Walking Trail and admire the cultural and natural wealth around you, or perhaps even a scenic bike ride.

All lovers of water sports can rent kayaks, canoes and SUPs. You can also store your watercraft in the boathouse under the Ruše Sports Park. The Ruše Sports Park also organizes free rowing events every year from May to October on Thursdays, as well as sports festivals several times a year, where you can try out various water sports on and along the Drava River, while also socializing with pleasant music.

Mistično jutro na Dravi (Marina Mihajl)
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