Waterfalls Veliki and Mali Šumik

Liquid gem of Ruše forests

Waterfalls Veliki and Mali Šumik

Veliki and Mali Šumik waterfalls are located in the Lobnice gorge, in the protected Šumik virgin forest. They were formed during tectonic shifts due to the different resistances of the tonalite rocks.

Veliki Šumik is 24 m tall. The water flows down at an inclination of 42 degrees. Despite the great inclination, the waterfall is very picturesque due to its width and abundant water. 400 m below is Mali Šumik at Lobnica. The waterfalls first in three jumps, measuring a total of 9 m, and then over the tonalite threshold almost vertically for a further 9 m. On the rocks near the larger waterfall, there is a solitary growth of the rusty sedge (Rhododendron ferrugineum) and a little below it the unusual limestone (Saxifraga paradoxa).

Veliki Šumik is the largest Pohorje waterfall and the largest Slovenian waterfall on a non-calcareous base, 24 m deep, it tumbles thundering and roaring into a pool under a smooth overhanging wall, where it blooms at the end of June in an inaccessible crevice. On the rocks around the waterfall, which are moist from the spray of wild water, plants that love moist coolness and shade have settled, such as the unusual limestone, border-leaved goldenrod, and a variety of lichens and mosses that otherwise only grow on limestone. They settled here because the water seeping and seeping through the cracks in the rocks washes and dissolves even the thinnest layers of limestone and deposits it in places where it evaporates, thus creating conditions for the settlement of basiphilous plants.


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